Vitamin D Deficiencies

So enjoy eating raw nuts throughout this Christmas season and all year long. Include them in your daily diet, and remember that the fat in nuts is the good kind that you need.
At the same time, with increasing toxic exposures and stresses from lifestyle and environment, our need for this essential nutrient has never been greater. Recognizing this need, Dr. Peter D’Adamo formulated Phyto D 2000(TM) for use in his clinical practice. Phyto D 2000(TM) contains 2000IU of the highest quality Vitamin D3 and is packed with other essential nutrients and synergistic herbs to maximize bone health, improve bone mineral density, and reduce the risk of bone fractures.
Extensive research has shown exactly how this mega-nutrient works on the cellular level to provide a lowered risk from many conditions. The benefits of regular supplementation of Phyto D 2000(TM) are myriad; here are just a few: