Palm Oil

When I gave up eating sugar over 30 years ago, it was difficult to make the adjustment to honey. There were few recipes, replacements, or advice available. Today, there are so many available sweeteners as well as infor- mation – most unheard of 30 years ago – which makes the transition as simple as pie! Plus, you are not alone. Many others are taking measures to make positive changes in healthier eating.

What we often do not realize is that the one of the main reasons why 65% of Americans are obese and so many others experience disorders, is because our diets are flooded with sweets at any given moment of the day! So it’s not just enough to replace sugar with other sweeteners, we need CUT DOWN, and CUT OUT sweetened foods period. As we learned in last week’s newsletter, table sugar has no nutritive value at all and can only supply the body with chemical reactions and calories, while the following sweeteners – though some are processed to some degree – still provide valuable nutrients (vitamins and minerals).