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Improve Stamina with Natural Testosterone Boosters

By Barbara Kelly / August 3, 2019

Improve Stamina with Natural Testosterone Boosters   Being an athlete or bodybuilder in training, you most likely need to see some results fast. Lean rock solid muscles come with time and lots of training, but if you wish to quicken things a little, you might like to consider using a natural testosterone booster. Testosterone boosters […]


Palm Oil: The Only Way To Eat Trans-Fat Free?

By Barbara Kelly / December 14, 2015

Inhibited breakdown and improved formation of bone Increased bone mineralization and density Decreased risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fracture risk Improved mood and decreased risk of depression Improved energy levels and decreased fatigue. This is a letter sent to my sister from Erleen Tilton.  I have been using her spice combinations and cooking ideas for […]


Palm Oil

By Barbara Kelly / October 4, 2015

When I gave up eating sugar over 30 years ago, it was difficult to make the adjustment to honey. There were few recipes, replacements, or advice available. Today, there are so many available sweeteners as well as infor- mation – most unheard of 30 years ago – which makes the transition as simple as pie! […]


God’s Tech Support

By Barbara Kelly / September 14, 2015

Daniel Goldman’s publication the actual Psychological Quotient had been a best vendor once the civilized world was steeped in ‘intellectualism.Ha He made free airline mindful of feelings and emotive well being. Since that time the concept of EQ and every thing related to it is among the most ‘in’ thing. In order to comprehend Mental […]


What Is Carob?

By Barbara Kelly / September 4, 2015

When simplicity and time count – choose foods that are raw! We need to eat foods in the raw state as much as possible and avoid cooking all together when not needed. When foods do need cooking, use regular, real heat and cook food only as needed to retain the most nutrients. Your body will […]


What Are Polyamines? How Do They Affect Your Health?

By Barbara Kelly / August 3, 2015

Text Biochemistry textbooks often refer to polyamines as “dead flesh” proteins. When living tissue is shocked, or dies it protein structure cracks open. Bacteria or enzymes contained in the food itself subsequently convert many of the protein fragments in polyamines. This is why polyamines are found in very high amounts in the tissues of severely […]